We offer the HIGHEST US industry certifications necessary to protect the environment, health, safety & security, and are now able to come to your location and shred devices under your supervision! 
* Reworx technicians will travel to your location, remove hard drives, record serial numbers, and shred the devices - all under your supervision
* Desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives, zip disks, external hard drives, floppy disks, and cell phones can all be destroyed
* With heavy-duty, high-powered shredding capabilities, 500 drives can be destroyed per hour!
For more information on how Reworx can offer your business safety and peace of mind, call us at 770-426-1700.


Together, Georgia Power and Reworx created a triple bottom line:

  • An economic impact to the community of $265,230 by taking these individuals off public assistance rolls
    and turning them into tax paying citizens
  • A social impact by putting 9 people with disabilities to work,
    resulting in independence, confidence - and a paycheck
  • An environmental impact by keeping 8 million pounds of electronics,
    metals, plastics and more out of landfills.

Since WellStar Health System began partnering with Reworx, they've recycled more than 150,000 pounds of our used electronics.

"It gives me great satisfaction to know we’re creating jobs for people with disabilities while protecting the planet, proving every day that we can all do well by doing good!"
Jim Budzinski
Executive Vice President & CFO
WellStar Health System

DISH and Reworx partner to recycle electronics and create second chances

By employing Reworx to recycle retired satellite receivers, DISH will pass additional savings to its customers, continue to reduce and eliminate waste, and also provide jobs to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

"Reworx not only furthers DISH's sustainability endeavors by keeping nearly all received materials ouf of landfills, but it also yields another critical byproduct: opportunity."

Jim LaRocque
Senior Vice President of Service
DISH Network Corporation


The Reworx Mission

Our Mission is to create sustainable recycling jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and to generate excess revenue to sustain and grow Nobis Works.



Reworx Mission is to provide jobs for people with disabilities.
Reworx Warehouse